That is me on the right, with my wife and son in beautiful Arches National Park.  I grew up in a small, rural town in central Illinois. I was raised on wholesome country living and Catholicism.  I was the kid launching model rockets, building forts and fixing go-karts.  I spent most my indoor time building with K’nex, Legos and Erector sets or building a PC so I could finally play the latest games with my friends.  Summer days meant working in the garden and helping my dad fix up or build homes to rent and sell.  High school was Boy Scouts, Ice Hockey and playing drums.

I chose Mechanical Engineering as a major as it was the most broad of the engineering disciplines and suited my mechanically inclined mind.  I graduated from Southern Illinois University, cum laude, with my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  I loved school, especially controls theory, pure mathematics and the intersection of hardware and software in my Mechatronics courses.  Thanks to a recommendation from my favorite professor I enrolled in and finished my Masters in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis in System Dynamics and Control.

My work history is diverse.  I have worked on electric motors for appliances, welding automation systems, ventilation systems for skyscrapers and testing and trialing medical devices and now electric motors for automobiles.



Past employers:

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Nidec Motor Corporation